December 4, 2014

Job Search Tips: Don't Take a Break From Your Career Search This Holiday Season!

Julie Gutheil is the director of career development at Weatherhead's Career Management Office.

While it may be tempting to take a break from your internship/job search during this winter break, you should remain focused on your goal and continue to engage in your search. This is an opportune time to focus on your search now that the fall semester is behind you. Below are some steps you can take to stay engaged and continue the momentum you've built during the fall.

Make a point of continuing to build your network. Reach out to your current contacts to wish them happy's a simple sentiment that can have a big impact. You should also put effort into finding new individuals to connect with through LinkedIn. Make a goal of sending 10 requests to new individuals to meet for coffee prior to spring classes beginning. If you happen to be traveling during the break, take the opportunity to find alumni/contacts in the area you are traveling to and set up a meeting.

Create a list of 25+ new companies you are interested in working for and learn more about them. Use LinkedIn to find alumni or other potential connections you could reach out to at those companies. Visit the CMO Library to check out a book or learn more about your industry using Vault.

CMO maintains regular office hours during your break, so take advantage of this time to meet with us to talk about your career strategy or schedule mock interviews with the CMO staff.  If you are out of town, take advantage of the mock interview module in Career Link (found under the resources tab), or schedule a phone or Skype session with a CMO team member. This is also a great time to update your resume with any projects or part-time work/internships from the fall semester.

Keep searching job boards, including Career Link, and apply to opportunities. Companies will continue to post positions, and you don't want to miss out.

From everyone in the CMO office, happy winter break (just not from your career search)!

December 2, 2014

Headsup: this week at Weatherhead

Money raised today for Weatherhead's Graduate Business Student Association will go toward Coffee Hours, furnishing the new graduate student lounge and funding community service outreach activities in the spring.
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Holiday CircleFest
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L: Various locations within University Circle
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Study Break: Pizza
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Study Break: Snacks
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Study Break: Snacks
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Case "Studies" and Cocktails
Join the Weatherhead Admissions team, current students and faculty for an informal evening of networking.
D: Wednesday, Dec. 10
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November 21, 2014

Cleveland... Who knew?!

Victoria Saybe, originally from Honduras, is a first-year student in the full-time MBA program.

Growing up outside of the U.S. you are well aware of cities such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. You’ve probably visited a few of them or seen enough pictures to get a good idea of what they look like. But when you hear Cleveland, your mind draws a blank. You’ve heard of the place, but where is it again? Is it close to New York?  It’s in the north, right? That was me before applying to Case Western Reserve. I’d heard of Cleveland but had absolutely no idea what to expect once I arrived.

I came to Cleveland for the first time last October and returned this year as a full-time MBA student. Cleveland is one of those cities that has managed to constantly surprise me with all the great things it has to offer. For starters, the people here in general are very welcoming and you quickly begin to feel at home. I was not expecting to find so many interesting places to eat, visit or just hang out. Allow me to share with you a few of the spots I’ve visited that I would recommend you find the time to check out while you’re here.

Lola Bistro
If good food is what you’re looking for then you’ll be glad to know that, surprisingly, Cleveland is a “foodie” town. Great chefs like Michael Symon have a variety of good restaurants all over the city. On East 4th, I suggest you visit Lola Bistro for innovative American cuisine. Mia Bella is a must in Little Italy, and you can walk over to Presti’s for good desserts (their seasonal pumpkin cheesecake is a must try!). Up Mayfield, head to Coventry for great Thai food at High Thai’d and if you crave more Asian food, then Szechuan Gourmet on East 36th is the place to go for Chinese food (go with a crowd and order different dishes to share). If you find yourself in Tremont, I recommend you get a table at Dante and stop by The Flying Monkey for a few drinks. If you’re there earlier in the day then brunch at Lucky’s CafĂ© is great, but try to avoid the Saturday and Sunday crowds.

Now, if you’re fond of cooking or feeling kitchen-adventurous then you have to visit the
West Side Market, where you'll probably buy more fruits and
Cleveland Orchestra
vegetables than you’ll eat in a month, but it’s hard to resist the freshness and prices.

If arts and culture are more your thing, get ready to enjoy. Start with an incredibly discounted seasonal pass to Severance Hall (the benefits of a student discount!) and enjoy the performances of The Cleveland Orchestra, one of the best orchestras in the world. Places I strongly suggest you visit are the Cleveland Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland and Playhouse Square.

As you’ve probably already noticed, Clevelanders are incredibly fanatic about their home teams, and before you know it, you find yourself rooting for the Browns as well. You can find tickets to sports events at very reasonable prices and even if you don’t understand the sport as much, just by being at the stadium you’ll realize the
First Energy Stadium
excitement is contagious.

I’m excited about all the places I’ve visited and I’m looking forward to making many more memories while discovering Cleveland. I encourage you to go out and explore Cleveland and start taking advantage of all the great things this city has to offer before the secret gets out!